Student Guide to moving out

Your tenancy agreement will provide you with all of the details regarding when your lease comes to an end along with anything else you are required to do. Some landlords/agents may insist that you have the property professionally cleaned before you move out. If you are unsure about anything, speak [...]

Securing your first student property

Once you've found a property that your group all like and agree upon, your landlord or agent may ask for a holding fee or deposit - soon agents will no longer be allowed to charge other fees as a condition of tenancy. This will prevent the property being shown or [...]

A quick guide to viewing properties

So, you've found the perfect housemates and have decided where you want to live; now you just need to find the perfect property! Most letting agents will take you to view a few properties in one go, some will take several other groups of students who are interested in the [...]

Be Realistic About What You Can Afford

When renting a student property, the monthly rent is unlikely to be your only expense. There will no doubt be other costs that you should consider to calculate how much you and your new housemates can afford each month. We've developed a rent affordability calculator to help you out. Some [...]

Living In Private Student Halls

Many students will choose to live in shared accommodation for their first year and increasingly inĀ private hallsĀ from the second year onwards. Private halls are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to private houses as they often provide additional onsite facilities included as part of the rental agreement. Purpose built properties are [...]

Choosing who you should live with

Living with friends is always the popular choice for students as it's cheaper than renting on your own, you can split the bills and of course it's fun! Before you start looking at properties with your friends it's important that you consider which of your friends would make suitable house/flat [...]